Sunday, April 25, 2010

Escaping into 90s grunge ....

It's been hard lately. Too many things out of my control happening at once to people important to me. People who I love dearly are hurting and I really need a magic wand to make it all better.

I've found myself slacking again which also happened back a year ago when other crappy stuff started happening. I have to kick out of that mindset before I go back into lump mode. Too much clutter and 8lbs of stress weight ended up resulting from that. Minor things in the grand scheme of the world but I don't need/want to deal with that again.

I've been thinking of tattoos lately again. While I don't have any I have always found them intriguing. I've caught up on most of the latest season of LA Ink as well which is fueling it. For years I had no idea what to get and thought it best to wait. If I had gotten one at 18, I'd have the Nirvana smiley face somewhere, probably on my back. I'm leaning more so to something star/dragonfly/swirled design. I have a concept in my head that I will end up drawing one of these days. I figure if I draw it and frame it somewhere - even if it's just a tiny frame somewhere in my space then I can see if I hate it after awhile or if I want to change it, keep it, and then just go.

I have 90s grunge on LastFM today. I need it and it's making me feel better. I am a firm believer that it helps, good music that is. Esp if it is female based, then you have to feel just a bit bad arse rocking out to it. If only Doc Martins came in my size back then.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Honey Oat Quick Bread: How baking didn't end up as burning

I totally lucked out finding this recipe. It turned out, tasted good, and most importantly did not end up with a crazy burnt shell as was the case with the apple cake. (That I am blaming on the sugar content in the ingredients."

I am continuing my goal of learning/cooking more. While I can techinically feed myself with what I cook it's not always "pretty." Mixmosh in a skillet/pan including some sort of pasta/grain/bean works just fine for me but it's not something I would serve for a dinner party... if we actually had one. I find myself going back again and again to the Eating Well website which is good since it is healthy stuff. Most stuff you can add way too much frosting or cheese to it as well if I was to - de-healthify it. (OK that is not a word but I'm leaving it.) I've found a few other sites that look interesting as well and plan to try some from there as well.

I need to stop looking at fabric online esp since the sewing machine still isn't out of the box. It will be once we attack the upstairs room. I so want to get rid of that stupid rug in there since it never stays clean and smells funky. (Cleaning it and waiting an hour after it dries = funk is back...ugh.) I have some great ideas for some embroidered bags though once I get up and running with it. I figure if the seams aren't perfectly straight and there are pretty designs stitched into it, it balances it out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Might mini

117/365: Hand held
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Our "niece" came to visit today. While she is technically not related by blood, our friend MR has dubbed the various friends Aunt Whomever and Uncle Whosit. I don't mind at all.

Now that So is walking it is an entirely new ball game. Before it was sweep/clean the floor since she was crawling. Now it is the same though figure what a little person a little over two feet tall can reach and pull down on her head.

What's this? What's that? Random baby babble that sounds like two or three words combined. Kitty. TEEEHHH. Dobgy. Dooooggy. I love watching her explore since the most random things catch her attention. She keeps going to my Popples magnet but sorry m'dear that is waaaaaay older than you and you're not getting that. I'll spoil you some other way.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Automatically three cookies

As a kid, the allowed amount of cookies was three. I don't know when, why or how it started but that became the norm. Tonight as I made my lunch, I found myself thinking three cookies. Being Girl Scout thin mints, that is a good thing since I could easily eat a package in one sitting. The stomach ache that follows always is worth it.

I went to my favorite LYS today. I hadn't been there in ages to actually buy yarn. With P laid off for so long it didn't seem right to spend extras on extras we really didn't need. Today I felt like a kid in a candy store and brought home a gorgeous orange/red multi skein and two knitting books. I am content, for now, but it felt good. Now I just need to work on modifying the idea I have for a thin, almost capelet/shawlette. I want something basic but not just ribbed or a garter stitch. Nonetheless I'm in a good mood because of it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Horray for a $30 grocery bill

I am now seeing how our still brand new Costo membership will turn out to be a great thing for our household. The larger bulk shopping style store I'd always thought of was Sam's Club. I used to always equate that with jars of mayo or pickles that were as big as my head. True, I recall this size comparison while being a kid at A's house but it was still large jar.

I did a quick run to FMarket and Jewel (finding one thing and using the self checkout at Jewel almost taking the same time as spent in FMarket. Total spent at both places though was about $30. It was oh how about...nope at home already. While I did look at the pineapple Chobani, I managed to get away, reminding myself that there was already Greek yogurt of the same brand at home.

I thought I had escaped the masses of craziness and probably would have if I hadn't gone to Jewel. More times than not, I hate grocery shopping. It is like the cart becomes some sort of awkward appendage for some people while others let is amble alongside them only to be freed to roam at odd interval. Forward people! FORWARD! While I know at times all the stuff is a bit overwhelming, esp when dealing with wacky people and their metallic doom buggies, but is it really that mesmerizing to look at cereal? It is all overpriced, pick one!

This weekend I started using Giantsilverpurse which is slightly bigger than I expected when buying it. I could probably easily fit one of the Harry Potter books in it and still have room. I almost Harry Pottered Frankie though when he was about to take a chomp on it. I think my other purse lasted if I week before he sunk his teeth in it. I don't know what it is about him and purses. Perhaps the slight squish of the fake leather feels good on his teeth.

With it being almost 9pm on a Sunday night, I am still wanting to finish up some stuff but know that won't happen. If COULD but then sleeping would be pushed back and that's never fun. P is working a double today so I foresee catching up on Gray's Anatomy being #1.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Opening the windows and letting out the dust

I have a blog, that's right. Hmmmm. I had forgotten for awhile as well as thought I would partake in the land of health/food/exercise blogging. Um, nope. No deal. I'll stick to reading them to be inspired. It'll kick in eventually.

Now being the spouse of a finally employed (after being laid off almost a year ago) guy, we get to travel since he works in the travel industry. DISCOUNT! I am still not totally getting it since traveling before meant looking up stuff, comparing prices, comparing prices dependent on days, etc. Now it's "Hey let's go to [insert place here.]" I know it will become second nature eventually and while we will be able to travel for less, I'll still budget. While it is possible, you don't only want to survive off of Naked juice and Kashi Crunchy bars.

A group of us went to Hollywood Blvd - aka the best theater - to see Back to the Future last night. It was the 25th anniversary with appearances by Christopher Llyod, Lea Thompson, Claudia Wells and James Tolkan. We ended up not getting autographs since they were $20 each and we hadn't anticipated a cost. I had never went anywhere for autographs but I guess them not free is standard and $20 isn't bad. Oh well. We were still a good 20 feet from them so that was cool. The best part of the event was that 100% of admissions went to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Seeing a great movie on the big screen was great but being able to help others while doing so, was even greater.

Tonight is L's 30th birthday party but for the most part my day is an exciting mix of catching up on television, laundry, and straightening up a bit. I need to find a new book as well since Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters didn't hold my interest and was returned. I did skim through to the end hoping it would make me start up with it again but alas it didn't. I'll still give Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a chance. I like that original story better.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Smaller than the Super Saver skein.

I am not a person, I am a cat bed.

We have had Bond, the new kitten, for just over a week now. He has gone from fraidey cat in extreme to galloping blur of black and white followed or following a galloping blur of orange and white. You never realize just how much noise two cats - well one in mini - can make running amuck on hardwood floors. I don't mind it for the most part - when they are not knocking mail off the coffee table.

Bond is currently sleeping in the crook of my left arm and Frankie is asleep at my feet. Now when I try to get off the couch to actually go to bed, I forsee two meow buckets - one wanting his nightly treat and the other deciding it is time to play. If not it seems like 3 or 4 am is the best time.

I am on the last skein of the Lambchop song WIP. It seems like I just started to finish up the last skein but I'm still going. I have the two Irish scarves in the works as well. Those are fine as long as I don't forget where I am count wise.

I am continuing my love of Trader Joe's. We did a TJ run on Friday and picked up one of their cold bags as well. The plan is to have a hot/cold bag + several regular "green" bags in both the car and the truck so we don't forget. It is something we plan to do but not always remember so I think it is a good idea.

Another good idea - found from the SP group - is a wall of rubbermaid tubs with my yarn. Realistically, I won't have a wall. Having a hubby happy to not be attacked by randomly stashed skeins or kitty playland of yarn makes it all worth while. It will also help w the current bags now liking to let random stuff fall out. Today I opened the closet, took out my knitting bag, and my feet were greated by pink/yellow combo crochet thread. Ooops.